SuperFly Smash

Jump, spin, and twist to smash the robbers after your fruit!  The game play twist is you've got to physically move your whole body!!!

SuperFly flies through the air with you, literally. Game play is controlled by your real-world activity. Features boss battles, boomerangs, bombs, and more!

Give your child's whole body (and not just their thumbs...) a workout!

Created by the developer of Jump Jump Froggy, which was featured by CNN as a game to "get you moving."

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When Games Aren't Good

We often assume that games are automatically motivating to students.

After all, we see them playing games in their free-time all the time, so it seems logical to conclude that if we make the learning into a game, the children will be more motivated to learn.

But consider this scenario: what if I asked you to run a race against an Olympic Sprinter--in front of all your friends and family?

How would you feel? Scared? Intimidated? Afraid of getting embarrased? 

After all, you and everyone present knows you are going to lose. 

And that's how many students feel when they are put in the situation of a competitive game where the criteria for victory is speed.

Say your teacher organizes a friendly flash-card contest to make learning multiplication more fun.

Then you are called out in front of all your peers and matched up against the kid who's fastest at times tables.

The game is motivating and empowering to the other kid, because it gives the other person a chance to shine and validate their sense of self.

For you on the other hand, the game is just another opportunity to feel bad about yourself.

Not All Math Games Are Created Equal

As a former classroom teacher, I was a big proponent of using games to support mathematics learning. Games were inherently motivating for my students, and helped turn otherwise tedious tasks like memorizing the times tables into exciting competitions.

However, I noticed that not everyone enjoyed games involving competition. While my "top" students relished the opportunity to shine, the students I knew were struggling and whom I hoped the games would motivate--were nervous and anxious when we played.

Why was this I asked myself?

Well, think about it from the kids perspective. When you were a student, you knew exactly who the top students were and where you stood in the pecking order. Imagine you're asked by your teacher to run a race against Usain Bolt. You and everyone present know you're going to lose.

That's how my struggling students felt when I asked them to match their skills against the more advanced students. If the game involved speed of recall--think a flashcard competition--then the game was just another opportunity to feel bad about yourself.

Math Agent was purposefully designed to avoid this problem. Successful game play depends on both an individual's skill as well as luck of the draw. This means that struggling and advanced students can play with one another equitably. While the "better" player should still win most of the time, the "less advanced" player still has a chance to succeed (and just as importantly, the chance to participate constructively in a positive learning opportunity).




How To Play Against Friends (Guide)

There are two methods for playing with friends

Method 1 - Playing With Someone Nearby or on the same WIFI Network

Install on another iOS device. Note: Second player must be on the same WIFI Network or in range to receive Bluetooth signals

Tap on the name of the device that appears in the "Friends to Challenge" list
Tap on the name of the device that appears in the "Friends to Challenge" list


After the other player accepts the challenge, the game will automatically begin. 


Method 2 - Playing With Someone on Game Center

Multiplayer Button
Hit the Multiplayer Button


GameCenter Prompt
If you are not logged into Game Center, you will be prompted to open the configuration screen.
GameCenter Config
Use your apple ID to login, and then tap Math Agent in the top left corner to go back the game.


After logging into Game Center, hit the Multiplayer Button Again.

Game Center Interface
This opens the Game Center Interface. If you tap "PLAY NOW", the system will automatically pair you with another player somewhere in the world who wants to play at the same time. (If no one else is online, you will not be paired!)


If you choose to Invite Friends, you can send them a message with an invite (by text or email), or send invites to RECENT or NEARBY friends. The other player will receive a message, which, when tapped, will open the game and automatically start the battle for you both.

1.02 now has Multiplayer Game Center support!

Multiplayer support now available.

You can now invite and challenge friends to a Math Agent battle using the iOS Game Center! 

Simply login with your Apple ID (and create a Game Center name if you don't have one already). 

- Game Center support for multiplayer allows you to invite other iOS users anywhere in the world to play.
- Game Center Leaderboards. See how your skills compare to others.
- Info page for viewing all the different card types.


Math Agent

Improve mathematical fluency with this dynamic, socially engaging game. Challenge family and friends or the AI opponent to interactive duels to sharpen your skills. MATH AGENT combines academic standards-based mathematical concepts and operations with easy to learn strategic game play to make math learning F-U-N!

- Multiply two numbers to create an attack!
- Defend that attack with a shield based on the perimeter of a hexagon!
- Create an unstoppable attack using prime numbers!

First developed as a trading card game by a University of California, Berkeley PhD in mathematics education while teaching in the New York City public school system, MATH AGENT has helped students coast to coast build comfort and fluency through positive playful activities that address both standard learning requirements and goals, and the social and developmental interests of the learner.

Available for the first time as an App. Download MATH AGENT today and play your way to a more mathematically compelling tomorrow.

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