There are two methods for playing with friends

Method 1 - Playing With Someone Nearby or on the same WIFI Network

Install on another iOS device. Note: Second player must be on the same WIFI Network or in range to receive Bluetooth signals

Tap on the name of the device that appears in the "Friends to Challenge" list
Tap on the name of the device that appears in the "Friends to Challenge" list


After the other player accepts the challenge, the game will automatically begin. 


Method 2 - Playing With Someone on Game Center

Multiplayer Button
Hit the Multiplayer Button


GameCenter Prompt
If you are not logged into Game Center, you will be prompted to open the configuration screen.
GameCenter Config
Use your apple ID to login, and then tap Math Agent in the top left corner to go back the game.


After logging into Game Center, hit the Multiplayer Button Again.

Game Center Interface
This opens the Game Center Interface. If you tap "PLAY NOW", the system will automatically pair you with another player somewhere in the world who wants to play at the same time. (If no one else is online, you will not be paired!)


If you choose to Invite Friends, you can send them a message with an invite (by text or email), or send invites to RECENT or NEARBY friends. The other player will receive a message, which, when tapped, will open the game and automatically start the battle for you both.